Saturday, November 26, 2011

Mobile Phone Hardware Repairing ( about faults comes with IC )

We can divide all Mobile phone damages  as Hardware , Software and Settings faults. when we think about hardware damages or faults mainly we want to know what are the main ICs and faults comes with IC. Old phones had ICs more than latest phones. However when you get complete idea about that ICs then you will be able to find solution for damages in your phone properly.Check following list of ICs and try to understand about that faults.

  • Power Amp
  • Antenna Switch
  • RF Processor (hagar IC)
  • Power IC
  • CPU
  • Charging IC
  • Flash IC ( ROM orEEPROM)
  • Oscillator (VCO)
  • Sim IC
  • Key Pad IC
  • LCD Light control IC

Power Amp
This is a very important IC for Transmiting signal(Tx) in your phone. This IC is work as a Tx amplifier and it get high voltage directly from the battery.When it is damage we can see following faults.

  • Signal Drop
  • No Network or Access
  • Battery low quickly
  • Cant make a call ( Tx not work properly )
  • Power on failure
  • Phone will heat

Antenna Switch
Antenna switch is help to filtering frequency Bands as 900Mhz , 1800Mhz and connect Rx ,Tx( Receiver and Transmitter). Therefore when damage this IC we  can see faults as following.

  • Signal Drop
  • No Network found
  • Some Frequency band are not worked properly

RF Processor ( Hagar IC)
RF( Radio Frequency ) Processor is a main IC in your phone PCB. This IC is used for processing  Rx and Tx signal ( for Modulating and Demodulating). sometimes it make a low frequency clock signal is used to start CPU functions. Therefore when damage this IC we can see faults as following.

  • Power on failure
  • Signal drop
  • No network
  • Caller drop
  • Rx or Tx or both are not work properly
  • Battery empty quickly and phone will heat

Power IC
Power IC distribute current to all the components and IC in PCB. we can think that, it is work as voltage regulator therefore if it is worked not properly phone will not be power on. specially we can see some times some applications are not worked because of Power IC is damage.(when power ic not distribute current for circuits that circuits are not worked).

  • Power on failure
  • Battery empty quickly
  • Phone will heat
  • Insert Sim
  • No Charging
  • Some applications are not worked properly
  • Auto Restart

    CPU (Central Process Unit)
    Central Process Unit is the brain in your mobile phone and controller all commands which we have given. Specially this IC check flash IC before booting mobile phone after that it will give command to Power IC. When it damages we can see following faults.
  • Power on failure
  • Auto Restart
  • Commant not accepted
  • KeyPad not working
  • Battery empty
  • Phone will be heat
  • Phone will stuck

Charging IC
This IC is not a common IC  among latest phone. However it is used for controlling charging.when it is damage we can see charging faults like these No charging , Not Charging , Auto charging or Charger not support( Bad contact charger). Nowadays Power IC ( UEM) working as a charging controll IC.

Flas IC ( ROM or EEPROM)
This IC  holds flash or booting  information(program). When this IC damage we can see software problems in your phone as follwoings.

  • Power on failure
  • Booting faults.( only booting screen)
  • Phone will stuck
  • Battery empty quickly
  • Some applications are not worked( camera ,Mp3,Video Bluetooth ...etc )
  • Phone work as a unconditional

VCO(Voltage Controll Oscillator)
VCO is the RF signal generator. It makes clock frequency  which is used to run digital components. When this IC is damaged digital components fail to work and the result is power on failure.

  • Power on failure
  • Signal faults
This IC is used for controlling SIM card data. when it is damage you can see following faults. This is a crystal IC because of that when fallen down your phon like this IC will be damage easily. Therefore we can say following faults are common faults in nowadays.
  • Insert Sim
  • unablet to power on with sim card
  • Sim not accepted.

Key Pad IC
This IC is used for Controlling Key pad circuit.We can see this IC as crystal and normal type.because of that when fallen down your phon like this IC will be damage easily. Therefore we can say following faults are common faults in nowadays.

  • Key pad not work as a order
  • Key pad stuck
  • When power on one key is dialing continuously
  • When press a key phone will shut down or restart
  • Key pad work as a unconditional

LCD Light controll IC
This IC is used for controlling keypad and LCD lights. We can see this IC as crystal and normal type. when this is damaged we can see following faults.

  • Key pad lights not work
  • LCD lights not work
  • White Display
  • Display not work

When you see like above damages dont try to do remove that ICs. Because there have a method for solving any faults in mobile phone. Therefore firstly try to understand about mobile phone ICs and about its works and also damages.
 This notes is a great chance for understanding about mobile phone damages and how its come. However try to be a clever technician this is our warm wish for it. GOOD LUCK


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